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    The Apple TV now has 360-degree videos for the first time, so if you own the device, be on the lookout for this new feature in The Littlstar app. The Littlstar app apparently has thousands of videos in their library from companies like Disney, the Wall Street Journal, MLB, Discovery, PBS, National Geographic, Fusion, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, and Showtime. According to Gizmodo, the company behind Littlstar is Disney Accelerator and the company provides mentoring for tech companies in consumer entertainment/media areas as well as all financial backing.

    What the new 360-degree feature does is allow users to feel as if they are actually present in the footage. So for example, the video provided by the Wall Street Journal shows a dancer in a rehearsal room. On a computer users would use the trackpad or mouse to scroll in any and all directions but on the Apple TV, users would use the trackpad on the Siri remote to control where they want to scroll on the TV. It allows users to experience the whole thing and feel as if they are really there. Those who use the app can also upload 360-degree content to the company.

    Definitely try this app out and let us know what it feels like to use it. Share with us in the comment section below.

    Source: Gizmodo

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2015-12-28 08:49 AM
  2. Silvio6's Avatar
    The Siri remote ? Is this for the new Apple TV only ??
    2015-12-28 07:47 PM
  3. Nefarious's Avatar
    The Siri remote ? Is this for the new Apple TV only ??
    Yes, ATV4 only
    2015-12-29 10:13 AM