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    Popular automaker Hyundai recently confirmed that the company’s 2016 Sonata will be getting CarPlay sometime in the first quarter of next year according to the Detroit Free Press. It was noted that Hyundai will be selling an SD card that has new software on it to get CarPlay, but the price is currently unknown. It is also unknown currently whether 2016 Sonata models outside of the U.S. will have CarPlay or if 2015 models will be able to get CarPlay. As of right now, Hyundai has not announced any other car model to have the feature either.

    Back in April of 2014, the carmaker already announced that Apple’s CarPlay would be available starting early this year but that never happened and was then delayed. Currently, Honda, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ferrari, and other companies have announced months ago that certain models would begin to incorporate CarPlay. Some automakers already launched the feature in some vehicles, meanwhile others are waiting till the new year to do the same.

    We’re sure that more and more car companies will begin to incorporate the feature as you can see that trend happening already. Will you be getting this feature if you get a new car in 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Detroit Free Press

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    2015-12-28 11:56 PM