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    Mobile users in China don't hang on to their apps for very long. That's according to the latest industry data brought to life in recent days.

    MAW reported Monday that the overwhelming majority of mobile apps launched in China do not engage users for more than a week.

    “According to data from Umeng about activity tracked on its platform, no category of mobile app in China retained even a quarter of its users after the first week,” an eMarketer report summary notes. “The best-performing apps were in the education and learning space, with a 23.6 percent retention rate. Finance and wealth management apps were just slightly behind, at 23.5 percent.”

    So which apps have staying power among Chinese smartphone users (iOS and Android)? Approximately 20% of smartphone users who download a health or GPS app will still have that app after a week.

    The report notes, however, that just 14.7 percent of theme wallpaper apps will be retained for a full week or longer after first being launched.

    Source: MAW
    2015-12-29 12:53 AM