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    Let me start by saying that I LOVE APPLE! I have been a loyal customer from my first Apple IIc that my parents bought me in 1984 to the Powerbooks 170 and 500 that got me through college. Today, our home is filled with a Mac Pro, a MacBook, three iPhones, three iPods, one iPod Shuffle, one iPod Touch, every version of iLife and iWorks right up until today's iLife 11 and iWork 09. Hopefully, Christmas morning will bring an iPad. My wife and I also proudly display the Apple logo decals on our cars.

    This is why I am so disappointed right now. The company that I love so much has all but abandoned me.

    Four years ago, I paid over $6,000 for my Mac Pro. The person who sold me the computer assured me that it would last 6-7 years. Well, that was optimistic. Over the past few months I've been working with Apple to get my Mac Pro to get and remain stable. The machine was literally freezing-up two-three times per hour. Most of the time, the beach ball just taunted me. Other times, I could move the cursor around but couldn't select anything. And there were more than a few instances in which the monitor just went black.

    Over the months I bounced back-and-forth from phone support to the Genius Bar back to phone support get the picture. Some people told me it was a hardware problem, so - on their recommendation - I replaced the hard drive. That didn't do anything. Others said it was a software issue and the Geniuses assured me that everything was okay after my visits to them.

    Today, my computer is on my desk in shambles lying among countless wires and codes. Time Machine only has back-ups to last Monday, 12/20. Here is what is lost thanks to Apple's "help:"

    -10 years worth of pictures
    -12 years of professional work (I work in advertising so most of the stuff are commercials and ads that cannot be replaced.)
    -A full quarter's UCLA grad school work worth of papers, homework, research and notes. I am missing a paper that I was working on. I was on page 65 of what is probably going to be over 100 pages. I saved this on my internal drive and backed it up on one of my four external drives. Gone.
    -A chunk of my right index finger. As I was walking-up my stairs coming home from my latest Genius visit, I fell carrying the 20 pound Mac Pro. I lacerated my finger on one of the metal handles (pictures on request). I ended up in the emergency room that night only to find out the wound was too wide to stitch-up. It bled for three days. I hurts, and both the ER doctor and my own doctor agree that there will be a "significant" scar.

    So what is Apple willing to do? They are willing to wave the $35 incident fee, or they suggest that I take it back to a Genius to see what they can do. That's it. Good luck to me.

    The one shining spot in this whole situation is a senior tech support person named Justin. As much as he wants to and try to help, however, he's hampered by what's happened to date.

    I'm disappointed. I feel after all these years, Apple has completely abandoned me.

    Any suggestions?
    2010-12-24 03:29 AM
  2. Stray's Avatar
    That truly sucks. You were with them, always with their products and you lose part of your finger. I'm truly sorry for you.
    2010-12-24 04:20 AM
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    Nightmare loosing all the stuff. I empathize with you. What I did with my Mac pro > opened it up, removed all parts I could, let them air for about a week, took photos of parts and the desktop (to sell on eBay if things didn't work out). Sunday morning. Took a deep breath. Installed everything as a new machine, including new OS. Installed everything new. Nothing of old system, no old software. Didn't sync to time machine. Worked and the machine is still working. I store nothing on the main internal drive anymore. Time machine is only for settings etc.
    2011-01-01 07:10 AM