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    Which do you prefer? I happen to use both - for different reasons.
    Both are basically systems for installing Unix software on OS X...

    Fink is great because along with "fink install," it comes with APT and dpkg, common Debian tools that can make life incredibly simple when you need to install a piece of Unix software. (Or even create a cydia repo, hint hint) [ Fink - Home ]

    MacPorts on the other hand, usually has more recently updated ports for OS X. Also, just like fink it has its own package manager, you can "port install" something and compile it right away. [ The MacPorts Project -- Home ]

    With Fink you get the choice of installing pre-compiled binaries or compiling your own software from source. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on MacPorts I'm pretty sure you *have to* compile it from source (which can take a while, heh.)

    Almost forgot, are you someone that needs/wants a GUI app? No problem! Both have graphical applications that can be used to install the respective ports. Check out FinkCommander for fink [ ], and Porticus for MacPorts [ ].

    What do you guys think?
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