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    Softpress: Products: Freeway Pro Features

    Full CSS controls, HTML lists compatible, graphics box effects, based on UNICODE and W3C standards compliant..... this is good stuff. I've used it MANY times and it gets me going instantly when I need a detailed site with heavy CSS control.

    More from the site:

    Carefully designed to make it easier to focus on your design, while keeping everything you need close at hand
    The redesigned Inspector dynamically resizes itself to present just the tools you need for the current selection
    The Site panel makes it easy to create pages or folders, and to organize your site quickly. It even supports Finder like colour labelling to help you flag pages for action or to signify functionality.
    The configurable toolbar allows you to personalize Freeway to your own working style
    Contextual pop-up menus come to life with a Control-click (or right-click on a multi-button mouse) and present the most-used options for the current selection
    Scroll wheel support allows you to blaze through large documents
    Dynamic Site Panel allows site arrangement, drag & drop, object selection and more
    Page Preview using the same rendering engine as Apple Safari—check a page in a genuine browser view without publishing your entire site

    Email adress obfuscation to help keep the spammers away
    Link styles - change the colour of links in any CSS item
    Save Archive - create an archive of your site for backup or transporation
    Improved margin and grids
    Built-in preview within Freeway (Safari/Webkit)
    Integrated .Mac upload
    Quick Look compatibility in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
    Spotlight compatibility in Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and beyond

    Full EPS (Panther & later), Illustrator, Photoshop layered file import
    Graphic box effects, Text effects - shadow, glow, emboss, blur, scatter
    Vector effects (wobble and crack), Border types (dashing, dotted)
    Improved transparency (opacity) options
    Graphics and Graphics Extra FAST packs are built into Freeway 5:
    —Sharpen, Blur, Watermark, ChromaKey, Duotone, Fade, FillMaster, PhotoFrame, PhotoMagic, Posterize, Scan Lines, Solarize, Sharpen, Saturate, Linear Blur, Impress, Hue Rotate, ChromaKey, Advanced Fade

    Unicode for truly multilingual sites; mix languages on the same page, even on the same line. Unicode keyboards, Unicode filenames
    Encodings/import encodings/Auto/UTF8
    Generate standards-compliant XHTML (Strict and Transitional), HTML 3.2, HTML 4
    Output options on “By Page” basis

    CSS Layout - CSS layout items - control over CSS/table layout
    Child items, relative and absolute items, percentage positions and sizes
    CSS borders, padding and margins
    CSS styling with partial styles and tag styles
    Create and use external style sheets
    Full style management
    2008-09-06 06:40 AM
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    I'll be putting a website up this week with the contents made from Freeway 5 Pro, so when it goes up later in the week I'll be sure to link here and show you what this little gem can do.
    2008-09-15 12:46 AM
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    ive been using this for a while but i still love dreamweaver
    2009-02-15 04:16 AM