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    We all know how important it is to defrag if you are or were a PC user.... some say with Mac's you don't need to defrag your system....

    Well I feel it is necessary after time with a Mac....

    This is a great way to defrag your Mac!

    Every Mac user has noticed it; over time, your system slows down. This is particularly true in these days of constant security updates, as replacing operating system components not only increases file fragmentation, but also creates a more insidious problem—over time, the operating system itself ends up scattered all over your disk.

    This, of course, doesn’t show up as fragmentation—after all, the files themselves are probably contiguous—but nevertheless, it takes your machine longer to start up, it takes programs longer to start, and it takes longer to get your work done.

    iDefrag solves these problems and more, by defragmenting and optimizing your Mac’s filesystem.

    Full support for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

    iDefrag is compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS X, and with the very latest hardware from Apple.

    Works with Time Machine

    iDefrag is safe to use on Time Machine back-up volumes if you so wish.

    Native support for journaled filesystems

    iDefrag knows about the journal and does the right thing automatically. No need to turn journaling off to defragment or optimize your disk.

    Support for case-sensitive HFS+

    Using case-sensitive HFS+ for compatibility with legacy UNIX software? No problem. iDefrag knows what to do.

    Supports the Hot Zone

    Mac OS X is smart about the files you use the most. It moves them to an area on the disk called the Hot Zone, for improved access times. Unlike older defragmentation tools, iDefrag understands the Hot Zone, and knows which files should be there.

    Thermal Monitoring *

    iDefrag watches the temperature of your disk while defragmenting. If things are getting a little toasty, iDefrag will wait for the disk to cool down before continuing.

    Four powerful defragmentation algorithms

    Optimize or compact your disk as required. Includes a sophisticated programmable optimization engine—if you’re an advanced user, you can rearrange the contents of your disk how you want.

    Defragment while the disk is in use

    iDefrag can perform simple defragmentation while the disk is still in use. Good for situations where you don’t need the full power of the optimizer, but have a few fragmented files you want to sort out.

    Per-block and accurate whole-disk display

    See the individual blocks used by your files, watch iDefrag move them around in real time, and get an at-a-glance overview of the state of your disk.

    AppleScript and Automator support

    iDefrag includes extensive AppleScript support and comes with an Automator action to help Automator users script defragmentation without needing to learn AppleScript.

    Coriolis Systems :: Products :: iDefrag
    2008-09-08 07:13 AM
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    You sure about using this? I've always been told not to defrag Macs...
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    2008-09-08 03:32 PM
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    You sure about using this? I've always been told not to defrag Macs...
    Here is a faq page on their site..... I have used it but as stated in the faq I ran it using a bootable cd.... if you are not comfortable then I suggest you ask questions and such before using it... and it is not like the windows defrag at all... as I stated you have to CDMaker tool to make the bootable disc and run it from there and the defrag takes a while as well....

    I have only used it one time so far as I feel I should use it but then again I heard the same thing you did a well....

    Coriolis Systems :: Support :: FAQ :: iDefrag
    2008-09-08 06:06 PM
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    useless... macs defrag themselves automatically while copying new files or moving files...
    2008-09-08 06:47 PM
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    More info on macrumors.com......

    1. Mac OS X only defrags files below the 20MB level.

    2. How can reading a file that's scattared on a HD be faster than reading from one single defragged file? Simply not true. The drive head has to move constantly to different parts of the disk.

    3. Apple doesn't explicitly say EITHER that defragging should NOT be done. It's probably because the large part of Mac users - read regular users - do not have large files that are bigger than 20MB.

    4. Genius Bars use on a regular basis Disk Rescue and Drive Genius (defragger) to optimise the drives. They used those on my Mac when I handed mine in for its yearly check-up.

    So, defragging is only useful if you have plenty of large files (above 20MB).

    iDefrag - Mac Forums

    I am the type that likes to help out as much as I can... I have did other research about defrag etc.... I have found on APPLE'S site that they suggest a program called Drive Genius....

    Since its introduction at Macworld San Francisco back in 2005, Drive Genius from Prosoft Engineering has become THE industry standard disk utility for the Mac platform. Directory Repair, Disk Defrag and Repartition-on-the-fly are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius. In a head to head review vs the competition, Drive Genius was named “Labs Winner” as the best tool in its class*. Whether you’re a novice home user, professional computer technician or anything in between, Drive Genius from Prosoft Engineering is the best tool to maintain, manage and optimize your hard drive.

    Traditionally, hard drive maintenance and management has been difficult, time-consuming and confusing. In many cases people skip these critical activities - sometimes leading to disaster. Thankfully, Drive Genius makes these tedious tasks painless, fast, and easy. From performance tuning to disaster prevention, Drive Genius provides all the tools needed to take control of your hard drive, and your digital life. Many more features.

    Apple - Downloads - System/Disk Utilities - Drive Genius
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    I defrag my external HD's - it makes a measurable difference - you can see it when you open a folder containing tons of files, and the contents pop right up... also if you have Finder set to calculate the size of all sub-directories, the lag-time is a fraction of what it is prior to optimizing...
    2009-02-01 07:41 PM