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    Trying to complete the installation of CyberDuck 3.0.2 (just downloaded).

    Working from their .pdf guide, I presume they're serious when they identify the Server as But I have no idea what to enter for Username and Password.

    (An earlier post, a year or two ago, seemed to indicate the words "root" and "dottie", and "root" and "alpine" for CyberDuck versions 1.0.2 and 1.0.1 respectively.)

    Please email me directly if that's permitted: [email protected]
    2008-10-15 12:01 AM
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    Still the same, User name: root P/word: alpine
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    2008-10-15 12:13 AM
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    What does a cyber-beer taste like. Would if I could.

    - Phil

    Just tried it. Rejected. Any other ideas? (I'd appreciate it; getting frustrated.)

    - Phil
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    2008-10-15 01:46 AM