1. andyjoneski's Avatar
    Hey guys its been a while since I have posted on here, which is not a good thing at all. But never the less, its always good to post on forums.

    Just wanted to see what you guys think off the new msn for mac. Is anyone having any problems with it? For some reason i cant see anyones display pictures. Unsure why, im pretty stumped haha.

    Or is it the only application which crashes on your mac :P coughmicrosoftcough !!

    2008-11-28 01:45 AM
  2. dale1v's Avatar
    if you're talking about version 7, it's been out for ages...and it's awful lol. Use adium
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    2008-11-28 04:00 PM
  3. savon's Avatar
    I second "dale1v"! Use Adium - you can find it here..: )
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    2008-11-28 09:45 PM
  4. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    adium every day of the week as far as i'm concerned
    2008-12-02 11:18 PM
  5. andyjoneski's Avatar
    cheers guys ive started using it now !! I dont really keep up with the messaging scene :P ahhaha is there anyway to make the new convos open in new windows ive been checking it out but cant see away around it !! cheers guys !
    2008-12-06 05:25 PM
  6. dale1v's Avatar
    on the general tab in the preferences window, uncheck the box that says "create new chats in tabs"
    2008-12-07 09:07 PM