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    Now please don't spam and say these have been posted about and such.
    I'll start with

    Caffeine which is my second favorite App that keeps your computer awake in set amounts of time or indefinately. Great for if you download torrents so your computer doesnt sleep and lose internet connection.

    A widget I love is iStatPro which keep track of Battery life, health charge and such. It keeps track of usage of CPU and Memory. Show available HDD space. It also shows temperatures throughout the mac and exhaust fan heat.

    Another app I use a lot is smcFan Control. Shows temperature and fan speed. You can change the fan speed with this app which is great for heavy users with hot laps.

    For the Family oriented people out there i suggest MacLoc. Enables what have should have been in OSX in allowing you to log out with all your windows and applications running, sort of like what you can do in windows.

    The last and only one that costs is software I use for my PS3. MediaLlink allows you to stream to your PS3.

    Please post up your suggestions also. If this was helpful use the THANK button
    2009-01-10 01:57 AM
  2. BenzoHartt's Avatar
    These are the apps i'm using right now:

    SNAPZ PRO - for my video recording...

    VUZE - for torrents

    MAC THE RIPPER - for ripping dvds

    2009-02-09 09:39 PM