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    I recently took a look at Final Cut Pro, Server edition. I love the interface and collaborative options that it offers to it's users. However, Final Cut Server is only for streaming media content. What if you would have the same UI, but with a complete file server for all types of applications, movies music and other files.
    Currently, I am thinking about creating just this. A simple yet functional file server for anyone's hosting purposes. Users could simply send an Email to the server with their username, password, and file as well as other options such as public or private through a simple form. This message would be sent to the server and a moderator would ensure the content was appropriate and not in violation of the Terms of Service.
    I hope to make the service free, but have a paid option for additional space. Please give me any thoughts or ideas to improve this new idea.

    2009-03-05 08:32 PM

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