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  1. Loxkun's Avatar

    Well as the title suggest I will be getting a new Macbook White soon . But I'm looking for software that can:

    - Lock my files with a password (or maps or applications)
    - Convert windows media files to well... mac files :P
    - Editing rmvb files (or should i just convert them?)

    And I was wondering:
    - iMovie, can it edit movies or really just burn movies to discs? What are some compatible extensions?
    - I have an iPhone 3G, does the calendar of the Mac sync with the calender of my Iphone?
    - Can iWork 09 open windows office doc files?
    - The piano on Garageband, with enough practice, is it possible to play almost any song?

    Well I'm sorry for my list of questions (which I think most of them could be answered if googled), but I like personal opinions/answers more
    Thanks in advance,
    help me with my school survey ! ^_^
    2009-04-25 10:01 PM
  2. Actopac's Avatar

    Lock Files with a password- nt to sure about that
    Converting videos - I use isquint or handbrake depends of what a want to do, isquint is great though
    i work 09 can open windows office files
    Yes the iphone 3g calendar syncs with the mac calender
    The piano... with enough practice and a hell lot of patience I'm sure youll be able to play almost any song
    (but good luck with that)

    I'm sorry but thats about all I know to do with the mac programs
    2009-07-11 04:28 AM