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    I'm not sure if i'm allowed to mention other site names and stuff but i apologize in advance if im not.

    Anyways i noticed that when i download movie from such sites as podtropolis.com that the movie are in Mp4 format and are in MB's.

    So my question is how do i convert my avi's movie into mp4 without increasing the file size? such as the ppl on the above mention site and many more have done?

    example: let's say i have iron man in avi measuring 600 to 700mb's and then i convert it to mp4 with H.264 encoding (since i was told i needed that option selected) after converting the file turns out to be over 1 Gb...

    I mainly asking because i store these on my Macbook and at times would like to have them on my iPhone and put them on a DVD to watch on my big screen.

    I currently use VisualHub 1.33, should i be using another video converter?

    Thanks in advance
    2009-05-07 03:41 AM
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    File size is directly related to resolution. Iphone resolution is 480 x 320 pixels. Most iPhone movies should be around 400MB for full length. I use Handbrake or Free Video converter.

    Koyote Soft
    2009-05-07 03:56 AM
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    Forgot to mention im using Mac OS X

    So wait your saying im doing it all wrong?

    Like what should i be doing because i have 20+ movies and their all over 1GB after converting.. i want them accessible for Top set dvd players, Ps3 and my iphone or any device that accepts Mp4 i guess..

    Also i use Toast 9.. not exactly sure what encoding means but im currently trying to burn a DVD i have recently converted from 700MB and it turned out 1.74 Gb..
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    2009-05-07 04:04 AM
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    There's your problem. Depending on what device you want to play the movie on you need to convert it to a different resolution. DVD rips are generally about 4GB. If you want to play a movie on your TV you wouldn't want to change the max resolution. For the PSP or iPhone you don't need super high quality b/c the screen is tiny; therefor, you would have a different set of movie files for your TV and your hand held devices.
    2009-05-07 04:29 AM