1. miyan's Avatar

    i finally got elgato's Eyetv HD and captured a few games in HD but i'm now stuck with trying to find out what the best way of editing these games is. By editing, i'm talking about removing commercial breaks when these games were broadcast.

    Can anyone recommend a good program for this? I've exported the file into an .mp4 file. original .eyetv file was 14gb...the .mp4 is about 15gb.

    my plans are to burn them into a blu-ray disc in the near future but i must know how to edit them first. I tried uploading the .mp4 file to iMovie but, it was going to take about 7 hours just to load...i don't know if i would have been able to even edit after that, or if it usually takes that long to load.

    any help is always greatly appreciated. thanks!
    2010-06-23 03:34 AM
  2. Antic's Avatar
    U need to split the video in small pieces (1 Gb or more small). U need a professional software (Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express or Adobe Premiere).
    2010-07-28 05:38 PM