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    As title states I purchased a new MacBook Pro today and transferred my iTunes folder from my PC to my Mac and all worked well. However when I launch iTunes I see everything besides the apps. The ipa's are showing in the iTunes folder so not sure why they are not showing in menu?

    Edit: Never mind I just had to sync one time and it showed up...
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    2010-10-29 03:39 AM
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    The key to copying your library from one computer to another is to let iTunes itself do all the work while you have the old and new computers hooked together via the great, under-praised Firewire Target Mode.
    More reviews: How to transfer iPod/iPhone/iPad to Computer
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    Go to itunes. right click on your phone. select back up. It will copy everything to your computer.
    2011-06-05 12:58 PM
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    FireWire target mode would be great, except he's transferring from a PC! Last time I checked not many PCs have FireWire and I don't think if it did it would play nice! Wouldn't it be cool if it did though.
    2011-06-05 05:55 PM