1. endwaro's Avatar
    Hi i just spent 3 hours trying to get ios beta to work on my ipad and it didnt work so i quit.
    Now i have fixed my devices it was easy, without blobs.

    But my problem is iTunes 10.5 beta.
    I cant delete it because every time i try to put it in the trash a message pops up saying that i cant delete it because os x lion requires it or what ever.

    I stop trying but i want to know if its safe to stay in 10.5 beta without a developers account.
    Will i be able to download and install iTunes 10.5 the official release when it comes out?
    I suppose i can because its going to be a newer version. But im not sure.
    So let me know what u think...
    Is it okay if i just keep this beta and wait for the official release hopefully in september? and will i be able to install that version?
    2011-08-16 12:57 AM