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    I recently upgraded to Garageband 11 for the cool flex time and groove matching features.
    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a change in their computer's performance after upgrading.
    Now simple task, like playing back a live track are very clunky. The audio doesn't freeze, however WAV visuals do not run in sync with audio.

    Also, during playback, I noticed that tracks that used to take up 25-40% of my CPU
    ,now use a whopping 98% of my CPU!!!

    I'm still a bit fresh to the mac world, but do take precautious measures to keep my mbp up to speed. (Monitoring permissions, keeping files organized, software up to date etc.)

    I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a 2010 13" Macbook Pro with 2.4 ghz Core 2 Duo processor. 8gb or RAM, and close to 200gb of free HDD space.

    I'd never had latency issues with garageband '09 before, and read somewhere that GB 11 performs real well with Lion.

    For some reason, the idea of having to dish out another $30 for a new version OS X doesn't really appeal to me.

    Plus I'm still recovering from the hefty fifteen hundred dollar tax I paid for my mac last year.

    Snow Leopard has been extremely nice, and functional to me. I've read in some reviews, that as far as speed it still out performs Lion (in some aspects).

    My question is, would upgrading to Lion be a good idea? Would GB11 it change my performance at all?
    Or am I just stuck with a clunky version of GB until apple releases a patch?
    2011-11-01 05:21 PM