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    I'm going to do ecards for this Christmas.(Christmas is coming but I'm so busy and don't have too much time.) I haven't tried any ecards before and I think some powerful programs would help me a lot to create beautiful Christmas cards, so I would like to hear what you guys use for your ecards on Mac first.
    What's the criterion to choose the most suitable program? Notice one in App store, Mac App Store - iGreetingCard Seems pretty great.
    Any experience from this one?

    Your recommendation would be much appreciated.
    2011-12-22 08:10 AM
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    Still remember I posted something here when I was looking for...
    Now I put my hands on this app mentioned before. It's a free version. Mac App Store - iGreetingCard Lite
    Finally found it's a great app.
    2012-02-02 03:52 AM