1. Weavel33's Avatar
    I recently upgraded from an iPhone 3GS to a 4, and after restoring the 4 to the backup of my 3GS (5.0.1 if it means anything), I began to take pictures...much to my dismay, iPhoto on my iMac (10.6.8) would no longer recognize my iphone 4 as anything but a generic "iphone" and said there were no photos to import. I've also tried using Image Capture, and the same thing happens; iTunes, however, has no problem recognizing my iphone as MY iPhone and syncs without a hitch. What could be causing every other piece of mac software other than iTunes to not see my phone? My iPhoto is up to date (as is all my apple software).
    2012-02-21 06:19 AM
  2. Vm0n3y's Avatar
    Some things to try first:

    If you have another iPhone (friend or family) try that to see if iPhoto reads it. This will help to tell if it's a problem with your device or the OS.

    If the other device is not being read, create a new user on your computer and try it in that account. This will let us know if it is a problem with your specific user account or if it is a system wide issue.

    If it appears to be system wide doing an Archive & Install will be the least evasive approach.

    After trying the above suggestions let me know your results and we can take it from there.
    2012-03-13 06:39 PM