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    Quick Word has updated to the new version!
    Grab the chance to feel Quick Word on your Mac, NOW!!!

    Quick Word: Quicker, simpler and easier, Quick Word as a fantastic word processor meets every essential need of your daily word processing tasks. Compact functions yet not complex operations, excellent interface yet not expensive price, its the app you CANNOT MISS!

    Offer you all the basic functions: markers such as highlight, underline, strike through and so on are available in "Font" tab, you can create your own style of annotation!

    Speech function can make your file speak, simply select the contents, right click and choose the "start speaking" under the "speech" tab.

    Quick Word supports reading, editing and saving files in various mainstream formats.

    Export files to HTML with/without styles, PDF, RTF/DOC with pictures.

    Input detailed copyright information of your file by "Properties" button.

    Automatically complete words by "Complete" function. Just select the words listed below the original one.

    Locate precisely anything in your file with "Find" tab. Replace, Replace/Find, Find the next/pervious, Replace/Select All can be finished in one dialogue box.

    Easily Insert pictures from your computer, the current date and signature line into your file.

    View your files in the most comfortable layout by setting-ups in the "View" tab.

    Would you like to let some fresh air into daily word processing? Please come and experience the powerful functions of Quick Word right NOW! If youd love to have promo codes of Quick Word, please feel free to send us a email to [email protected] Wed love to send you the very special promo code for Quick Word ASAP.
    Mac App Store - Quick Word

    Enjoy the ease and convenience with Quick Word and have fun! Please let us know about your precious comments and advice for it!

    Thanks very much for your time and attention!
    2012-04-18 11:46 AM