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    I've got a problem... I currently use my Macbook Air for my work conputer in the commercial real estate industry which is very behind the times as far as technoloy is concerned. I also use VMware to run Windows as I HAVE to use Outlook (my IT department can't get my email working with outlook in Mac OSX) and I also use a program called "realhound" which hosts my database of clients which is ONLY for Windows at this time.

    I have a lot of issues though and I need to figure out something more efficient.

    I have to connect to a VPN to get on my database and to accesss my emails.

    I was thinking a couple options here...

    1. I just use Mac OSX on my laptop and get a tower to leave at work plugged in that I can remote access... I don't know much about this? is it very complicated? would it run well? anything else I should be aware of?

    2. Install windows and get rid of Mac OSX - I don't really want to do this but if it's the best option ill do it.

    3. Just buy a PC laptop for work and use my macbook air for everything else....

    Thoughts, suggestions, anything? I am pretty stressed out about the issues I recieve reguarly from the way I am doing it now.
    2012-10-26 07:33 PM