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    We are so pleased that released Templates for PowerPoint onto Mac App Store, now as a launch special, iFunia would like to FREE giveaway the Templates for PowerPoint from Normal price $28.99 on the store, the time will be limited on July 2th, 2013(Pacific Time).


    iFunia Templates for PowerPoint for Mac is a collection of 12 themes 126 pre-designed templates in all for you to create captivating PowerPoint presentations on Mac. It will provide you with professional-quality elements, inspiring backgrounds, amazing elegant colors and unique photos that will truly amaze your clients, teacher/students, and all your audience.
    In iFunia Templates for PowerPoint there are:
    23 Abstract Templates
    16 Academic Templates
    20 Business Templates
    17 Landscape Templates
    11 Technology Templates
    7 Cuisine Templates
    6 Environment Templates
    4 Fashion Templates
    5 Mechanism Templates
    8 Special Occasions Templates
    4 Sports Templates
    5 Transportation Templates

    FYI, this iFunia Templates for PowerPoint giveaway is only available on Mac App Store on July 2th, 2013, it's a totally FREE giveaway! Get it and help you create a gorgeous presentation with the templates supplied easily!

    More details about the FREE giveaway please visit:

    If you need support, please contact support#ifunia.com.
    Change the "#" to "@" when send Email.
    2013-07-02 09:08 AM