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    This guide will teach you how to change your desktop background on your Mac OS X Leopard / Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

    Make sure you follow the below steps carefully:

    1. Control-click on your Mac's desktop screen and select the Change Desktop Background option.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-1.png"></img>

    2. You can either choose from the pre-loaded images by selecting folders on the left or click on the '+' button near the bottom left to select your custom image. Just navigate to the location where you saved the wallpaper and click choose, this will set that image as your desktop background.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-2.png"></img>

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-3.png"></img>

    3. If you have other more background images in the same folder and want them to automatically switch, select 'Change picture' just below the wallpaper thumbnail preview area and then choose a specific time period, ranging from 'every 5 seconds' to 'every day' or you can even set the wallpaper to change everytime the mac wakes from the sleep or whenever you log in.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-4.png"></img>

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-5.png"></img>

    4. If you want the background images in the folder to switch randomly in no particular order, just below change picture, select 'Random order'.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-6.png"></img>

    5. You can also change how the wallpaper fits the screen. Just use the menu above the wallpaper thumbnail preview area and select an option such a 'Fill Screen', 'Center', 'Tile' etc.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-7.png"></img>

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-8.png"></img>

    6. If you don't like the translucent menu bar on the top of your screen, just deselect 'Translucent Menu Bar'.

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-9.png"></img>

    <img src=",000_Contest/Picture-10.png"></img>

    Hope this helps!
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