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    MacBook Pro (early 2011)
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    iTunes 10.5.3


    I got my Mac about 6 moth ago. It was a tough transition for the first 3 month, but I already knew that it will be worth it and it was.

    Anyways... I never liked iTunes, but I gave it a try and love it as well on my MacBook Pro. So I started to neatly orgonize my music collection and now that I am done through half of it (almoust 2000 songs) I am facing a problem that drives me nuts...

    See I started to organize and retag my music on a PC and it worked well. I would use a program called Mp3tag and when it would edit the files it would actually write the tags, album arts, and all the other information I edited to the mp3 file. Then I would transfer those files to my iPhone via iTunes...

    So now that I have a Mac, I transfered all of music to it and continues the process in iTunes. I edited all the tags, names, artist names, album arts to what I like it to be in iTunes, but as I now find out it only stays in iTunes and doesn't get transfered to the original mp3 files.

    For example I added a song called "aaaaa" with album tag "aaaaa", artist "aaaa", and title "aaaaa" and renamed everything to "bbbbb" (tags and name of the song). It will stay with the new "bbbbb" tags in iTunes, but the actual mp3 file on computer is untouched. It is still called "aaaaa" as a file, and shows as "bbbbb" in itunes.

    How do I take the information that is in itunes and synchronize it to the mp3 file on my mac?

    That is - other then doing every song by hand back on my PC because then it will take me another couple of months...

    1. How it is in iTunes (please do not pay attention to the song playing, bur rather to the song selected in the library):

    2. How mp3 file tags look:

    Thank You!
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    You might find this iLounge article useful, especially at the "Notes and tips" section where it refers to iTunes' “Convert ID3 Tags” feature.
    2012-03-01 02:11 PM