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    Hi Ladies & Gents,


    Today October 31st 2013, is my first thread on Mmi I opened this thread called P.Y.M, means PIMP YOUR MAC, to share with everyone my Macbook theme, and also was thinking that people can share there mods,issues,questions,widgets and more.. I hope you guys enjoy.

    First of all i want to start with the Credits:
    TeamEzra&Tim Collins For Ezra2 Theme
    Ian Nicoll&Dacal For Uniaw6 Widget
    Durben For the Analog Clock Design
    RKO1195 For Porting Uniaw on Livewallpaper for OSX
    Heine For the Analog code
    henfling For the Transparent Dock

    Special words for every single person who helped me. Big thanks to RKO1195 : who helped me on the First version of Uniaw, porting on Mac, really nice person, working hard.. but very helpfull and give his time to answer all my questions for any issue.

    Heine : This guy his the one who was there for me since elite 6, glad to meet you brother, very good at maths can create a icon layout without using the tweak, very impressive .

    Azaleea : Very Sweet person, helped me on many setup &issues, thanks for all your efforts, pleasure to meet you

    Tim Collins : Nice person, asked a few requests on ezra, and he let me use his PSD for the icons, and glad to be part of Ezra theme, and contribute for the good cause.

    h3mptation : Very positive person, was a pleasure to know you, Big support ever, since i was member on Mmi.

    TeddyDiesle : This guy his incredible active, helped me more than usual, can't thank you enough what you've done mate, i was bothering him all the time for testing stuff, because i have no JB.. always quick reply on Mmi, your the best .

    Ian Nicoll : Just got to know him, but i can tell you guys, his a beast of Coding and Modding widget, and he know a lot of stuff, very happy to work with you mate on Uniaw6 Widget, and he took his time to make the widget work like a charm.

    daddykool : Very Kool Daddy did a modding of widget for my SB setup, very kind person, doing some nice stuff has usual, people love your widgets!

    Durben : Beast of Widget, the Analog clock has been always my Favorite, so i was inspired by him to create one for the Mac thanks bud

    EricB78 : Helped me since i was member on Mmi, Big thanks bud.

    henfling : This guy is a beast of PS, doing some cool stuff, very sharp and professional, love the dock that you made for me, was a pleasure to know you mate.

    TruckinLow: Don't know him, but i've heard and see lot of nice stuff.. his the Master of UI design, His the one who Shared the Ezra2 Icon PSD, for my request, BIG THANKS

    NewDestinyX : Helped me on few issue with the Uniaw, thanks mate, learned new stuff from you

    Screenshot of Mac :

    Glass Icons


    Notification Center

    White Folders

    UniAW6 Widget for Osx

    Folder Icon&Background

    Simple Ezra2 Clock and Widget

    Tutorial : How to change Icons & Set Uniaw ( Watch the Video in 720P )

    First Tutorial

    Tutorial Part#2

    Downloads :

    UPDATED: 26/11/2013 : ( All the the icons added from the begging of this thread to make the life easier instead of searching )

    Macbook Ezra2 Glass&Light Edition : MacbookEzra2 Light&Glass Edition

    Uniaw6 Widget for Osx : UniAW6_Osx

    Simple Set of 3 widgets without Animation ( i will make some more soon ) : Set of 3 Widgets

    Windows Platform Icons ( PNG&ICO format both in the zip converted by TeddyDiesel ) : Windows Platform Icons

    Be Free to create your icons has you like, BIG Thanks to Tim Collins, to letting me include the Icon PSD
    Clock PSD included also

    For any issues let me know,we all make mistakes Feel Free to post your comments

    For more Uniaw Widget for iPhone here ---->

    For Ezra2 theme for iph4&iph5 here ----->

    please donate in cydia for the good cause and you can visit the ezra's website at : Because of Ezra

    Let me Know if any Issue
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    UniAW6 Tv Edition

    here my Uniaw6 TV Edition& Retina Display

    ** To run the Widget on your Desktop, you need LiveWallpaper Application from Appstore, it's only 99cents ** LINK :

    Credit :
    Ian Nicoll&Dacal for Uniaw
    Kai for the Original Clock Face

    Package Contents

    -Different clock Faces
    -Extra WeatherInfoBG ( with speakers& without )

    To many options in Uniaw6,

    Instruction : Right click on the Uniaw_TV.lwpp/ Show Package Contents/config.js

    you can configure your city and all the other options has you like, make sure you save them

    To Take effect : Just close your Livewallpaper from your Menubar/ Double click on the Uniaw_Tv Package to Select your theme

    UPDATED: 22/11/2013

    -Yahoo Weather fixed
    -Forecast container fixed

    Download Link For 1280x800 ( First Class Lounge Edition ) : UniAW6_FCL
    Download Link For 1440x900 (Retina Support) : UniAW6_FLC-RT
    Download Link For 1440x900 ( Pink Edition ) :
    Download Link For 1680x1050 ( Gold Edition ) :
    Download Link For 1920x1200 :
    Download Link For 2560x1440 : UniAW6_TV_FCL_2560

    Download Link For 1280x800 ( PinK Edition for Ladies ) : UniAW6_Pink
    Download Link For 1440x900 ( Pink Edition Retina Support ) :

    Download Link For 1280x800 ( Gold Edition ) : UniAW6_TV_Gold
    Download Link For 1440x900 :

    Download Link For 1280x800 : UniAW6_TV.lwpp

    Download Link For 1440x900 (Retina) : UniAW6_TV_1440

    Download Link For 1680x1050 : UniAW6_TV_1680

    Download Link For 1920x1080 :

    Download Link For 2560x1440 : UniAW6_TV_2560

    Here a quick video that i made, for people having problem with config.js and asking why there changes doesn't take effect, this is how i deal with Livewallpaper to work, some other has different way to make it work, and i respect that

    My Methode is very Simple and take 10 seconds to take effect because Uniaw has lot of files to load on Liwallpaper.. this is the reason

    Watch in HD for High Quality

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    Flavours Application

    For people who want to change there Mac UI (skin of the menubar,window&more ) Here a very cool Application call "Flavours"

    You can test the Trial application first to try, and if you like it, you can buy from here --->Flavours - Tasteful Themes for Mac

    There few of theme i am using for all my Uniaw TV Edition

    By Heine

    -Because Of Ezra V3 ( New & Rate to Support the Cause )
    -Ferrari Red Edition ( NEW )
    -Ferrari Edition ( NEW )
    -Beige Design ( NEW )
    -Darkness ( NEW )
    -BueBorn ( by hemptation )
    -BluBus ( by hemptation )
    -PinkyWinky Carbon Fiber ( NEW for Ladies )
    -Because Of Ezra V2 ( NEW )
    -Elite 6 Carbon Fiber White ( NEW )
    -Elite 6 Blue Glow ( NEW )
    -Baby Blue Carbon Fiber Edition ( NEW )
    -Elite 6 Carbon Fiber V2 ( NEW )
    -Brushed Metal
    -Fashion White
    -Because Of Ezra ( please give a star to support the cause, more detail about Ezra Because of Ezra )
    -V.I.P Gold
    -V.I.P Gold Brushed
    -Baby Blue
    -Ezra Gold ( by hemptation )
    -Ezra ( by hemptation )
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    User Mods

    For LiveWallpaper Application

    Uniaw Osx by chevymusclecar

    For 15" Screen ( Retina Support ) all the Weatherinfo is movable

    Download Link :

    Uniaw Osx by Steph53940

    For 27" Screen

    Download Link For 2560x1440 :
    Download Link For 1920x1080 :

    Download Link for PSD :

    P.S : For More Ultimate Mods from Chevymusclecar for iPhone visit --->

    Uniaw Osx by Attair57

    For iMac 27" Screen

    Download Link :
    Download Link for PSD :

    Download Link :
    Download Link for PSD :

    Thanks guys, Great Job
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    CandyBar For Mavericks

    Hi Ladies & Gents,

    UPDATE: 27-05-2014

    Note: CandyBar is now free, Panic has provided the following Universal serial number: PPQA-YAMA-E3KP-VHXG-B6AL-L

    Download Link For CandyBar Fix for Mav :

    Link for Onyx App :
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    DashBoard Widgets

    Uniaw Dashboard by chevymusclecar

    Work on any type of screen dimensions

    Tutorial how to setup the Dashboard ( Need WidgetRunner Application )

    Download link for WidgetRunner :

    Must Watch in HD 720P

    Download Link for Uniaw Dashboard :

    Download Link For Uniaw Dashboard Multi Touch :

    Credit to chevymusclecar

    Uniaw Dashboard by Steph53940

    Download Link :
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    White Font For Menubar on Dark Flavours Theme

    Download the theme from KillaAron on Deviantart

    when your on the install Section, just put a checkmark on the "Fonts" so you can have the white colour,

    for the menubar icons, there is another file inside the zip "

    you need to drag it inside --System Preferences/Groups&Users/Login Items

    Shadow Fix for Safari & Color Adjustment

    1- System Preferences/General ( Uncheck the Use LCD font smoothing… and leave the size at 4 )

    2- If you don't have ThinkerTool app 4 or 5 you need it ( Font section/ set System (headlines) on Lucida Grande 13pt ** take off the bold** logout and login to take effect

    3- Screenshot for Safari

    4- Screenshot for Google Chrome

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    Very cool man. Thank you for all the work you put into this as well as all everyone that helped you along the way.
    thanks mate, people deserve nice words, for any icons request let me know, ill try my best to make more and post in here
    2013-10-31 07:26 AM
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    thanks for kind words B, 👊 this is awsome, u are a man that never gives up. Lets pimp those macs
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    2013-10-31 07:32 AM
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    thanks for kind words B, 👊 this is awsome, u are a man that never gives up. Lets pimp those macs
    Thanks bro👍, lmaoo mine allready pimped.. but i will work more on the UI soon, and take the icons request if anyone need more
    2013-10-31 07:37 AM
  12. ferlop15's Avatar
    Very much appreciated, Bacardi......looks fun!
    2013-10-31 07:40 AM
  13. Bacardi85's Avatar
    Very much appreciated, Bacardi......looks fun!
    my pleasure Ferlop 👊
    2013-10-31 07:42 AM
  14. slowten's Avatar
    WOW awesome
    2013-10-31 09:00 AM
  15. Steph53940's Avatar
    Hello my friend, I think I'll make a topic on our forum to present yours great job and you will be welcome of course if you want.
    Congratulations again to all for their excellent work
    2013-10-31 09:07 AM
  16. It's Mi's Avatar
    Hey Bacardi

    Wow, looks really awesome, bro
    Unfortunately I don't have a Mac
    But I really enjoy looking at your pics
    And will try the icons for Windows for sure ...

    Have a nice day and lots of fun with your iPhone !!
    2013-10-31 09:44 AM
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    excellent work Bacardi👍👍, and all involved, unfortunately I do not use Mac, but it would be awesome to have a version of this for windows🙏
    2013-10-31 09:58 AM
  18. CrazilyInfinity's Avatar
    Sublime ce thème ! Mon Macbook l'adore !

    J'ai plusieurs requêtes à faire concernant les icônes d'applications qui manquent:

    C'est un peu beaucoup je sais, mais j'aimerais bien qu'elles s'ajoutent aux autres magnifiques icônes du thème, s'il vous plaît.

    Merci pour ce magnifique thème Mac et merci d'avance pour la prise en compte de mes requêtes d'icônes.
    2013-10-31 10:39 AM
  19. Bacardi85's Avatar
    Hello my friend, I think I'll make a topic on our forum to present yours great job and you will be welcome of course if you want.
    Congratulations again to all for their excellent work
    @steph @slowten @Mi i hope you guys enjoy.. this is only the beginning, thanks for you kind words

    excellent work Bacardi👍👍, and all involved, unfortunately I do not use Mac, but it would be awesome to have a version of this for windows🙏
    Hi mate, thanks.. you can download the icons set for windows.. unfortunately i dont have windows
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    2013-10-31 12:23 PM
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    As always Bacardi, just amazing work buddy! Thanks for the kind words, and for giving me a chance to help out anyway that I can! Such an awesome guy, taking the time to create such great things, and never asking anything in return. Thanks again!
    2013-10-31 12:26 PM
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