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    I'm more Windows user but I used to like to go to Apple store and check them out for years. Finally I just had my own macbook to play with so I'm loving it. Nothing fancy but what I have here is really simple and probably common and I hope new Mac users would find it helpful for them.

    File sharing/transferring - Mac has web sharing built-in.
    1. Go to System Preferences and access Sharing
    2. Check the “Web Sharing" box to enable
    3. After LOCKING to prevent further changes, you will notice two urls: your computer's website and personal website. Use the personal website and access it from anywhere to transfer files as long as the certain Mac is on.

    How to open the file in the Trash
    Have you ever wanted to double check to see to open the file that is in the Trash to make sure the file is not as important as you think it would be without dragging it back to the Desktop before you can throw it back into the Trash to empty for sure? It's less the hassle by doing that after you find that the file is to be "OKAY-ed" in the Trash in the first place. =D
    You can do that by just highlighting the file and click SPACEBAR to quick view. Nice.

    Bring iChat to you without touching the mouse

    Note: this feature is introduced in Leopard.
    Command is the apple logo on the keyboard. If you want to change to your own shortcut key combination, go to iChat preference.

    Copy and Paste
    There is two ways to do that. Most average Mac users should already know about the COMMAND + C for copy and COMMAND + V for paste like with Windows, expect it's CONTROL (CTRL) instead of COMMAND (CMD). That's one. Now here's another one. If you have macbook, ibook, etc: to do that with trackpad, the copy and paste function can be done by placing any two fingers on the trackpad and clicking the button then you would see what it shows up. By default, it's disable. To enable the function on trackpad, go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu or the dock at bottom of your desktop, click on the “Keyboard and Mouse” Preference button, then look for the tab under “Trackpad.”

    Key shortcuts - I don't know if you would memorize them but whichever is more important to you that you would use it often, so remember at least one command? =P
    Shut Down... CTRL + EJECT
    Restart... CRTL + OPT + EJECT
    Sleep... CMD + OPT + EJECT
    Log Out... CMD + SHIFT + Q

    Close an unresponsive application
    Force Quit... CMD + OPTION + ESC
    Select the application that froze/stopped responding and press Force Quit

    Going to various of websites is good way to learn Mac, I personally haven't looked at ALL of the sites I've put up on the list. Just a quick look. These websites should give you a good head start with your new Mac.
    - My First Mac A lot of excellent articles about Mac
    - ScreenCastsOnline's New to Mac? Video tutorials
    - Mac 101 For new Mac users
    - Switch 101 For Windows user switching to Mac or having Mac as second computer

    Is that it? I think yes but if I remember something, I'll add more here later.
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    Thanks! I've been a mac user for 2 years now and I didn't know some of those shortcuts posted here. You always learn something new everyday.
    2010-05-13 08:23 PM