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    I got tired of my stacks being those small little blue envelopes as I thought they were boring.

    I ran across this Chinese site......

    optica optima: DRAWERS icon #1

    And couldn't understand a word he was saying with it LOL. So I downloaded the files and went from there.

    The link to download the Drawers icons are below... I downloaded them all so I could change them when I wanted to.... to get a different look.

    Icon Download

    Now my stacks look like nice little draws! All nice and tidy!

    Once I downloaded one of them my download opened and I double left clicked on the bottom draw...

    once I clicked on them there were several on them on that screen. I then took the ones I wanted to use and dragged them to my desktop.

    Once they were on my desktop I then right clicked on them then clicked on Get Info and then changed the name & extension of the file.

    For example I am going to use the download draw. When I changed the name of it I changed it to this. **Download***.app and then closed the window.

    Once I changed it I then opened my download directory and then dragged it into it.

    Once it was in there it then changed my blue boring envelope to a nice little draw.
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    2008-09-05 10:00 AM
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    posted a few days ago, but good stuff.


    2008-09-05 10:12 AM
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    posted a few days ago, but good stuff.


    Ops! LOL well I gave step by step instructions in how to do it... LOL Thanks for the compliments!
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    2008-09-05 10:13 AM
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    thank you for this! I used it and it works great!
    2009-10-01 07:21 AM
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    thank you for this! I used it and it works great!
    Your welcome!
    2009-10-01 07:50 AM
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    Just one simple question what if i want to change the folders back to their original look? i have tried to erase the "***" but nothings happening =( and i tried taking the Folder from my HDD nothing either =( im just curious that's all....other wise it looks amazing!! thanks =)
    2010-12-23 04:18 AM
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    In your folder to where you added the draw with the *** name just remove that file out of the folder and it should go back to normal... if not reboot.
    2010-12-24 06:06 AM
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    Thanks a lot!! =) i like the way the stack looks.....but i think its messing up my applications list....when i tried downloading something from the Mac App Store it didnt show up on my Applications list =/...thanks again =)
    2011-01-08 06:44 PM
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    it looks cool, but you guys are crazy downloading something like this from a chinese website. Just kidding its really cool, I just discovered this thanks to this thread and it works on os x 10.6.7 and os x 10.7
    2011-04-01 09:50 AM
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    Is there a way to hide the icon file which now shows up in each stacked folder? The first file for them all now is the "**Download*** with the icon photo... This seems unnecessary to not have hidden, I just can't figure out how to hide it.

    Other than that very cool! Thanks for the post!

    Also I keep accidently clearing my downloads folder when I move the files, and deleting this file... so if it were hidden maybe it wouldn't be deleted! haha.
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    2011-04-03 09:33 PM
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    This is probably one of the pretties OS X mod I've ever seen, thank you for sharing.
    2011-07-02 01:42 PM