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    I have only been able to find info regarding windows and the iphone itself, but does anyone know where to find the file that downloads after listening to it in seeqpod? I know on windows in firefox I type in about:cache I get the link and type that into any window brought up with a address bar. How do i do those steps on a mac os x ? ro does anyone know of a link with these directions?

    Thanks for any help!

    .....Dont answer that.....I cant believe I didnt see it....i feel really really stupid for asking that......but for anyone not knowing how, it is the same steps type in about:cache it will give you a file path, bring up finder and go into each file manually.
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    or, in safari, click window, then activity, then cmd double click the file. saves to desktop.
    2008-10-16 08:40 AM