1. eZStaR's Avatar
    This tutorial will show you how to pick which system you want to start up your comp with. Especially if u have dual booted and windows keeps booting up instead of your Mac os.

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    Step 1: Click System Preferences from Dock or Apple Taskbar

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    Step 2: Select Startup Disk from Preferences Menu.

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    Step 3: Choose which system you want to start your computer up with. Originally its supposed to be Mac OS X, Mac OS X HD, Macintosh etc.
    I have dual booted Windows 7 Ultimate with MAC OS X So I use a boot loader instead 
    of this feature so I don't have a MAC OS X, etc icon there. I just have the Network System. 
    But lets just pretend that is my Mac OS X OS.

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    Step 4: If you have already picked the System -> Choose Restart

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    Step 5: Confirmation will come up to Restart -> Click restart.

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    Step 6: Check if the system you picked booted up, if not Redo this whole process atleast one more time, or post questions here
    2009-09-12 07:15 PM
  2. sayam's Avatar
    Great work man! Keep it up

    P.S. I bet no one will like the Easy Crop watermark
    2009-09-12 11:15 PM
  3. eZStaR's Avatar

    I don't like the Easy crop Watermark either : (
    Problem is that is the only good cropping program I got..

    Every other one I find on google either sucks, doesn't work, for windows, or you have to pay...
    Can you suggest a good one which is free without watermark for Mac?
    2009-09-13 04:09 AM