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    Hello all

    Ok i have this 2G jailbroken with 3.0, and drop it in the morning.

    The next thing was no network and no wifi, i have tried resetting the network settings, and tried to restore the original firmware (that actually worked on another 2G i got), but it gets stuck on the white screen and throws error 23. I do a hard reset and its back on but the communications problem still there.

    Now could it be that a drop caused a software error, or most likely something broke inside so as to not let me do a restore.

    Everything else works fine except fot the vibrator that stopped working too.

    Maybe new comm board? cpjr anyone?

    yeah this might be the proper time to try fixing the data flex cable, loudspeaker, camera and volume buttons too! screen is perfect though after replacing the glass.

    Thanks for reading.
    2009-10-13 07:36 AM