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  1. click66's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    For my school we need to have linux on the laptops? Now i'm running mac os x and windows via bootcamp. But can I install linux somehow?

    I've heard it is only possible in a virtual box , but that's not usefull I think.

    Thanks in advantage,

    Kind regards.
    2010-09-15 06:27 PM
  2. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    So far, the only way to install Linux on a Mac is by Virtual Box, Parallels, and VMware. Well, I'm not sure about Parallels and VMware...
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-09-16 03:03 AM
  3. tjfitz7's Avatar
    Acutally it is possible, you could wipe your drive and install only linux on your Mac if you wanted, I have my macbook/iMac triplebooting, although it will require you to wipe your drive and install everything from scratch. But linux does pretty well in VMWare Fusion.
    2010-09-16 01:19 PM
  4. click66's Avatar
    Yeah, will it not be slow in VMware fusion?
    2010-09-16 02:09 PM
  5. tjfitz7's Avatar
    It shouldn't be. I don't know how old or what the specs are on your macbook pro, but it should run fine. I had it running on my 2006 iMac 3GB of ram, 2.16ghz core 2 duo and it ran fine. What distro of linux did you want/need to use?
    2010-09-16 03:14 PM
  6. click66's Avatar
    Oo ok, well I've got 2 mac's:


    2.8 Ghz quad, 4 gig ram ddr3

    macbook pro ( that is the one I'm going to need for my school because I can't take my imac with me , wish it was possible )

    Is 2.8 Ghz dual, 4 gig ram
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    2010-09-16 05:12 PM
  7. tjfitz7's Avatar
    I think you'll be able to run it with no problem on your MBP. As far as not being able to bring your imac.... iMac Carrying Case
    2010-09-16 06:47 PM
  8. click66's Avatar
    loool thanks but it looks a little bit weird don't you think? If I take that to university
    2010-09-16 08:59 PM
  9. moon#pie's Avatar
    I run Ubuntu on my MBP in parallels. 32bit runs great! Once you figure out how to get parallels tools installed (through various terminal commands), it feels like it's running on it's own.
    2010-09-16 11:51 PM
  10. click66's Avatar
    Do I need to do terminal commands on mac to install parallels? I thought it was just a program?
    2010-09-17 12:35 PM
  11. moon#pie's Avatar
    no. parallels tools is a tool within parallels to help integrate it better. for example, with out them you would have to manually release the mouse from Linux to osx. with tools installed it automatically changes depending of what window you're over.
    2010-09-17 01:38 PM
  12. click66's Avatar
    aa ok, can you give me a tutorial on how to do it right? Thanks btw for your help.
    2010-09-17 01:57 PM
  13. moon#pie's Avatar
    have you bought parallels yet? if so, what version?
    2010-09-17 03:10 PM
  14. click66's Avatar
    Don't know any program, could you suggest me one?
    2010-09-17 05:56 PM
  15. moon#pie's Avatar
    Buy Parallels 6. It just came out and it's 40% faster than 5. it's $80 though. you should be able to get a student discount from somewhere though.
    2010-09-17 07:44 PM
  16. click66's Avatar
    Just visited the website looks nice :-) Thanks for your help btw. What linux do you recommend? I'm going to get, assembly, java, C, php, ... this first year, the second year don't know yet
    2010-09-17 08:55 PM
  17. moon#pie's Avatar
    well, since you're running them as virtual machines, you can have as many as you want! I would start with Ubuntu 10.04, then see if that works for you.
    2010-09-17 09:11 PM
  18. click66's Avatar
    well, since you're running them as virtual machines, you can have as many as you want! I would start with Ubuntu 10.04, then see if that works for you.
    I've installed ubuntu on my macbook with parallels. Can you help me with the configuration that you said with that command line?
    2010-09-27 05:37 PM
  19. moon#pie's Avatar
    yeah man. I'll get on latter and try to see if I can remember it. just wanted to let you know I'm not blowing you off.

    scroll down on the page and follow the instructions you see on the image. Installing Tools in Ubuntu 10.4 Guest - Parallels Forums

    but start the process with the command: sudo -s to get super user privileges.
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    2010-09-27 10:50 PM
  20. syam's Avatar
    You can run Linux on the MacBook Pro (in addition to Mac OS).
    Google it or join the forum openSUSE Forums
    I am running the latest openSUSE Linux on my MacBook Pro and it is not under VirtualBox or Parallels.
    2010-10-26 01:19 PM
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