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    I have an iDisk. We all know how much those things suck, I wouldn't rely on it too much. I want a cloud to do some more heavy lifting.

    I have a Time Capsule, and while I realize that is basically a NAS, it is only 1TB and supporting two computers, one with about 350 GB of files and the other with only about 30 GB. In either case, I don't want to bother with partitioning my Time Capsule, I don't want to crack open the housing just to throw in a larger hard drive that is already partitioned.

    I've been taking a lot of RAW pictures lately and know that these files will just kill my free space and my Time Capsule's free space.

    I'd like to store all of my iPhoto library (and eventually iTunes and more when bandwidth eventually gets cheaper) on a 2TB hard drive and call it my personal cloud. Eventually net booting would be cool if I got some more upload bandwidth.

    I'd like all of my Photos to be on a "cloud," and I'd like iPhoto or Aperture to find my library at home attached to my TC, either through DynDNS or MobileMe. So has anyone done this and is it even feasible? For example, I only have DSL with a 5Mb/1Mb connection (so I know it would be slow until I switch to cable). Could I cache the thumbnails locally and leave the RAW files on my cloud until I edit them? I can print from anywhere to home using Bonjour and MobileMe, so I don't think an additional NAS would be a problem. Can my iPhoto library point to an alias to my NAS with MobileMe or DynDNS?

    I'm usually at home anyways, but I'd love to cut down on my Mac's hard drive contents and switch that from a 500GB HDD to a 128 or so SSD.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions.
    2010-11-22 01:20 AM
  2. mhollis's Avatar
    OK, what the issue here is is one of space more than anything else. So NAS may not be what you really ought to be looking for. On my Mac Pro, when I was running out of space, I simply moved user space to another partition.
    And that other partition was a new 2GB hard drive. That is a good temporary fix but I am going to need an array pretty soon, as I edit videos. Of course video storage can be on another partition, but I create some pretty massive QuickTime files of the result when I am done, along with alternates and those need to be in user space and off the video array for a cleanup. But since more and more video is entirely file-based, I have to do a certain amount of CYA in order to prepare for the eventual change requests I know will come.

    So a really big user space partition is a very good idea.

    Put your user space on it's own 2GB hard drive and you're set for the next year or so.

    Apple will sell it's last servers (the cool rack mount kind) in late December, 2010. New servers will either be a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro, though I think the long tradition of installing a server on an old Mac and rhomboid with that will continue. Problem wi the older machines is at they tend to be limited in terms of what kind of storage they'll be capable of.

    So a Mac-based NAS may either be too expensive or not capable of the kind of storage you are looking for.

    Move your user to a new drive. And if it's a FireWire RAID, even better.
    2010-11-24 01:49 AM
  3. cowboymafia's Avatar
    I have a solution for you.
    1st. go to for your music storage, and you can access all your music from any computer or device.
    2nd Picasa for all your photos.
    3rd Google docs for all your documents.
    that should clear up alot of space on your computer.
    2011-02-01 06:26 PM