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  1. luqven's Avatar
    Been trying to find a way to make it so that my old iBook's screen is on top of all of the other components. Essentially I want to make it into a Mini imac, kind of like a ModBook, but I dont want or need a touch screen. Just want to convert it into an all in one.

    I thought about purchasing a cheap hp tablet and salvaging the parts to somehow incomporate that tablet's hinges into my iBook but i cant really see how this would be done. Anybody have a clue on how to do this, let alone starrt?

    Picture of what I want it to kinds look like when im done:
    Attached Thumbnails iBook Desktop Mod-clear-frame-macbook.jpg  
    2010-12-12 07:01 PM
  2. robx93's Avatar
    ive seen this done before all you really need to do is flip ur screen around i forget how to do that tho my friend did it to his really sick looking.
    2011-01-20 03:45 PM