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  1. mrwilly123's Avatar
    Just thought I'd share this hardware mod I did to my 2006 MBP (still running great).

    I was upgrading to a 250 GB HD, and cleaning the fans, when I thought I'd finally do this project I'd been wanting to do.

    I had wanted to get my display lid to a chrome/mirror finish, by sanding it from a really low grit to a really high grit. That ended up taking a really long time, and as I got to higher grits it just started looking dull. I decided I liked the brushed look that came from a low grit sandpaper, so after all of the sanding was pretty even, I went back to a low grit sandpaper. Then I polished it with some auto rubbing compound, and sprayed on some clear enamel so it wouldn't feel rough and get aluminum dust everywhere.

    Then I drew a little translucent checkerboard insert to put behind the apple, so that it glows checkers.

    Let me know what you think! The white spots are from dings/dents in the lid that couldn't get sanded. Ugly, I know. Oh well.

    2011-03-26 08:15 PM
  2. Conquest3.0's Avatar
    Don't like it, but I respect what it took to do it.
    2011-03-30 07:03 AM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    The checkers is pretty cool. The standard look of the lid I think looks amazing, not a fan of brushed metal on the MBP, but it's good work for what you did on it. Doesn't look sloppy or poorly done
    2011-03-30 07:09 AM