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    I did a backup using TimeMachine to my entire macbook. I want to backup again SPECIFIC Libraries those are (iTunes, iPhoto, Contacts & TinyUmbrella's Library) and then i want to FORMAT my mackbook
    1. How to Backup ONLY the previous libraries ?
    2. If i did a backup to them, will my iTunes ask to set a new setup for my iPhone after the formatting process and after i restore the backups ?
    3. Will the iPhone Backups remains in the iTunes Library that i backed up and I'll be able to restore my iPhone to a previous backups those where available before the FORMAT ?

    Thanx in advance =)
    2011-12-18 02:41 AM
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    It would be easier to just backup your whole system. Then just pick and choose what you want to restore after the format. Its easy enough to choose what to restore. You just enter time machine then locate the libraries you want to restore 1 at a time. Once you are done and you have your mac the way you want it, format your backup disk and start a fresh time machine.
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    2012-01-02 08:14 PM