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    What the title says. For example Launchpad would be incredibly helpful to have as background, just like in iPad?
    If this is possible (I know that screensavers are), does anyone know if Launchpad calls your background image or copies it into it's own resources? Because if you replaced your background with an app that uses your background as a part of it, you could get some pretty trippy effects going on. I'm various code languages proficient.

    2012-11-22 06:15 PM
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    Bumpity bump. Come on, 400 views and no replies?!
    2012-11-25 09:11 AM
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    There used to be a way to make widgets run within the desktop but never saw anything about an app running on the background.
    2012-11-29 12:52 AM
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    Thanks, I'll look into it. Poor response from this forum, aside.
    2012-12-15 03:21 PM
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    The members that come here are more just iDevice customers.
    2012-12-16 08:24 AM
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    First start the application. Doesn't matter what it is. Let's say it is a display for security cameras. I think that would be the best reason to do this. After you see that application runs on your desktop press ALT and TAB to change it to desktop. At first you will see only desktop and start something else lets say firefox browser and click on maximize button on the right top corner. You will notice that the previous application will embed itself on the desktop.
    Attached Thumbnails Is there a way to run an .app as my desktop background?-proof.png  
    2013-10-30 08:00 PM
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    2013-10-30 08:35 PM
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    That's Windows 7 and this is a Mac OSX forum. Do you have any good pork recipes for Passover?
    2013-11-23 03:50 PM