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    Hi All,

    Been following:

    Change the Login Screen Wallpaper in OS X Mavericks | OSaily

    Which as expected is for mavericks and doesn't work

    I can't seem to seem to find a file name / image representing the background at all.

    any ideas?


    EDIT* Turns out this didn't work for mavericks either. I was expecting a full size (or scalable image I could simply replace).

    There are 3rd Party apps out there EG ONYX but they don't support Yosemite.

    EDIT *2

    Renaming these icons will change the little apple logo top left and works fine. shame it wont work for scale/ there's no global image I'm seeing

    Edit *3

    Replaced the below with my own picture


    Looks like this changes the switch user screen only, Ie works on first reboot, but if you lock the screen it goes back to same as desktop unless you click on swicth user.

    Halfway there, sadly its blurry as, need to find the ...turn blur off option.
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