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    Any plans to get either model? If I can sell my wifes HP on craigslist I'm going to give her my new MBP (bought in June) and get the MBA. I just sold my 16GB 3G model on craigslist mainly because I didn't use it all that often. I would take it on plane rides but didn't care for the keyboard. Now with the MBA out I'm thinking about that. I rarely use CDs because the truck allows me to hook us EX-HD. I can pretty much download anything...including Microsoft Office for school and work. And I can wirelessly print at home with the new MBA (or any laptop). I'm not a huge gamer online so not worried about that.

    As far as OSX Lion, will people with Macs have to buy it out right or will we get some sort of discount?

    thanks guys/gals

    guess no one like the Air
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