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    This subject is not new, as many MacBook Air owners who purchased their late-2010 MacBook Air (11" and 13" models alike) early on mostly received a Toshiba SSD. Fast-forward to earlier this spring and it turned out that Apple put a significant number of higher-end SSD's from Samsung in its MacBook Air's, which have more advanced features, such as NCQ (Native Command Queuing), and produce higher speeds as compared to the ones from Toshiba.

    I just got my mid-2011 13" MacBook Air and I was hoping that I was going to get the faster Samsung drive. As part of the Sandy Bridge CPU upgrade, it also got the Intel 6 chipset, which means SATA III (6Gbps), but the Toshiba drive is only SATA II.

    Speed is the name of the game with the Air, so everything is not as "instant" as it could be. At least, they're still exchangeable, so we can still put some extremely fast SSD's in our Air's.

    I'm quite curious now as to who got what, so vote in the poll and/or post a response. You can find out what you have in your Air by going to Applications, then Utilities and clicking "System Information". Find where it says Sertial-ATA in the left pane and see what it says! Mine is a Toshiba, because it says APPLE SSD TS128C. The Samsung's entry would be Apple SSD SM128C. Makes sense: TS=Toshiba; SM=Samsung.
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    new 2011 mac air!!

    I got APPLE SSD TS256C = Slower one!!!


    When i close lid for air to sleep, then i re-open it takes about 3-4 seconds.

    At first I see a black screen and my cursor, a about 3 seconds then the desktop.

    What is your speed - I have a friend with a 2010 Mac Air and it resumes instantly!!

    PS My startup disk wasnt selected, i did this and it made no difference.

    2011-07-25 08:01 AM