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    I've owned a couple MacBooks and consulted with thousands of people before each purchase. I've learned a few interesting things about them.

    #1- The difference in a REV A MacBook and a REV D MacBook are NOT significant enough to upgrade speed wise, even with the 2gb bump in ram capability.

    #2- The Rev A MacBook is the quietest of all. The fans were turned on at a higher temprature so they stayed off longer, plus the Core2Duo ran cooler than the later generations of dual core processors.

    #3- The Rev A MacBook can only handle 2gb of ram and if you put more than that in it, the system will choke. Never run more than (2) 1 gb ram sticks in a Rev A MacBook. If you do, you are slowing yourself down!

    #4- The Rev B MacBook holds the odd size of 3gb. It has been argued that you shouldn't mismatch ram size, but more argued that if you shove 4gb into the Rev B MacBook it will choke on the overload. The jury is still out.

    #5- The Rev C and Rev D MacBooks hold 4gb of ram, but the fan noise is always a complaint as they run quite warm with the bigger 2+g processors. Some have even sold their Rev C and D to buy a Rev A. Slow down just a tad, and have a much more enjoyable user experience with the lack of heat and fan noise, plus get some $$$ back!

    I'll add more as I think of things.
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    2008-09-14 01:12 PM
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    A couple comments...

    #1 ... I agree, I gave a Rev A and my wife has a Rev D, and while there are noticeable differences in speeds, it's not enough to go out and upgrade... Hers definitely transfers file from our external hard drive faster, and downloads from the internet are faster though...

    #2 ... SMC Fan Control can be downloaded to manually control the fans speeds...

    #3 ... If you plan on upgrading your memory, or hard drive for that case, order it online and do it yourself... it is only 5-6 screws, 10 minutes work, and saves you a ton of $$$...

    Thats all for now, and were just some things I thought of as I read your post...
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