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  1. coppernights's Avatar
    my macbook (2.4 ghz running os x 10.5.5) is driving me crazy right now. for some reason at my girlfriends house it will not connect to the wireless signal. however my girlfriends laptop (hp) will connect perfectly and so will my iphone. i did some research and found a lot of other people with this issue and they suggested deleting the keychain. i did all of that and i still can't get it to connect. it just says "connection failed". if this is the wrong place to post this i'm sorry, i'm just going crazy and i can't figure it out.

    thanks in advance.
    2008-10-14 09:56 PM
  2. Michael415's Avatar
    What type of router are you trying to connect to?
    Also in system pref>networks>
    What is the order of the operations on the left hand side. You may want to try and move it up to the top and reboot. I had a similar problem with VPN and IT told me to move it up the chain and it worked fine.
    2008-11-24 08:58 PM