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    Hi, i'm venturing into getting mobile internet for my macbook for when I travel, I really am not looking to get into a binding contract as I travel often but sometimes not for weeks at a time so a contract plan just doesn't work for me but would consider for a reasonable 1 year plan that's better in pricing than t-mobile and verizon at $59 per month. I already pay for broadband at home and it wouldn't make sense to have to pay two $60 bills a month for internet plus the data plan on my phone on top of it. I have an at&t usbconnect card but can't figure out how to use it in prepaid form so i'm looking for workarounds or ideas. I have edge web2go on my iphone so tethering would be pointless due to the speeds.

    Thanks in advance
    2009-11-07 10:43 AM