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    Hey there i purchased a Macbook A1181 ,person i bought it from said the battery wouldn't charge and believed it was a logic board problem. I noticed the battery was expanding and i opened up the case and saw 2 of the cells blownup like a ballon...appon doing a search via web i saw a few post that said to remove the battery and throw it out, cause the ion cells can cause a fire hazard...now im wondering if charging system is defective or not ..could someone take voltage readings on there working a1181 and post them with out battery in the slot so i can compare proper charging voltage.
    before ordering a new battery.

    2011-01-04 06:34 AM
  2. emu_mtl's Avatar
    does anyone have a DVM and measure there voltage of the battery terminal pins i like to verify if my voltage are the same,or to see if its just my battery thats is messed up

    thanks in advance
    2011-01-11 06:47 AM