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  1. dvn821's Avatar
    Okay I just bought a MacBook 1,1. 100GB Hard drive, 2GB RAm, Intel Core2Duo 1.83mhz Dual Core CPU, OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

    I download coconutbattery and it said only 82 cycles on the battery? And its dead.

    I don't really know much about mac's so whats the average battery cycles?

    Only bought it for $250? Is that a good deal? I don't even know...
    If I helped thank me!
    2011-07-02 09:33 AM
  2. Karlanthonyuk's Avatar
    That's not to bad battery cycles count down from 1000 so your MacBook battery has seen it's last day, I would make an appointment with the genius bar maybe they will swap it for you? No harm in trying if nit eBay a new one
    2011-07-26 12:51 AM