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  1. desiking75's Avatar
    I have a macbook (maybe 2006/7) core 2 duo and 2.4 ghz. The LCD broke, and in going to private shops, the estimate i got was $250. I saw that ifixit has the parts for about 150 (screws and lcd) but tools and shipping are going to end up costing me another 30-50 which goes to 200 assuming that I don;t screw up. I'm not willing to risk it myself for 50 bucks so I was wondering where the cheapest place to find a legit lcd for a macbook was
    2011-07-30 03:56 AM
  2. fmlouder's Avatar
    250 bucks to replace a macbook screen thats actually pretty good as long as they doit with oem parts consider the alternative take it to apple they will probably charge you 700 bucks to replace it once for the hell of it i called apple to ask them how much it would cost to replace the high res screen on a macbook pro 2010 screen they said it would cost about 700~1grand
    2011-08-09 08:44 PM