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  1. Kitsune's Avatar
    Anyone sent their macbook out for a laser etching? I've seen some great designs and results, but seeing as how I still have a powerbook, I don't want to waste the funds yet.
    2008-09-05 03:24 AM
  2. mobilexile's Avatar
    If you're looking to etch your Mac hardware I'd look at the forums over here.
    2008-09-06 02:33 AM
  3. mtwiford's Avatar
    I think he is talking about a laser etching a design onto the case. There was a video on you tube of a girl who does it, I dont really care for it though.

    2008-09-17 05:25 PM
  4. mobilexile's Avatar
    Lady Ada is the queen of etching. You need to dig a little on her site -- there are forums of people who have started etching businesses all 'round the globe. Good place to start the search.

    Also, IMHO, etching can be really cool or really lame depending upon what you do.
    2008-09-21 02:28 AM