1. ben471's Avatar
    I am able to stay on top of keeping my screen clean on my MacBook Pro but I was wondering if people had any tips for cleaning out the keyboard once in a while. I try to be careful but obviously dust and crumbs are going to get in there.

    I also noticed that little dirt specs get stuck in the speaker holes. It isn't really a big deal and it's definitely not affecting performance but I would love to be able to get in there every few months and get rid of the dust that accumulates.

    Does anybody have any personal experience or have you found some nice guides that help you remove the keyboard ect. for cleaning? Any other cleaning tips would be welcome also!
    2008-09-13 09:36 PM
  2. mtwiford's Avatar
    Get a can of compressed air from wal mart or office max, etc. Its in the office supplies section. It has a fine nozzle with a small extension tube like a can of wd 40. Just spray the air into the keyboard and it will blow the dust out.

    2008-09-17 06:28 PM