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    For a while I have expected to go for a replacement for my 13" macbook. Yesterday I saw the 13" pros in the store, and I am getting inmpatient now.

    When I bought my current one it was on holiday in Spain. Having the Spanish keyboard is essential to me. I ended up without the upgrades I wanted, paid a Lot more, but I had my keyboard.

    Since then, any time I am in an Apple store I usually ask if they would be able to get me that keyboard when I buy a new laptop. Most have said no, but sometimes they tell me it could be done.

    Yesterday everyone told me they cannot, although I can't see why. Why can't it be ordered and shipped??? I could buy one on the Spanish site and have it sent to a friend to ship to me. That would cost hundreds more, and I don't know about other charges.
    There is a possibility to going there again, but that would probably eat the computer budget, and I am still not pleased with the extra cost thanks to euro to dollar pricing.

    For the first time I had this idea. What if I have the keyboard and top replaced???
    I know that it can physically be done on my current macbook, but I didn't look at the aluminum one closely enough.
    The keys alone could not simply be changed because of the difference in the north american and european return key shape.

    (The latin american keyboard is not what I want, and the n.a. French one wont work either. I am not interested in changing settings. I want the correct keyboard, and not a wireless one or something.)

    Does anyone here know if Apple would order me a Spanish keyboard and install it? I imagine it would cost far less than my other options.
    I googled this some, and found some people have does this with various layouts... but... I hope someone here may have?

    I expect they could do this, because they once had to replace the housing on my current one, and they got it someplace.

    I just don't know if the aluminum kind work that way, either.
    2009-06-09 06:42 PM