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    I have a 17" Unibody Macbook pro that had a defected battery meter button. The button some how got punched in and there was a hole in the place where it had been. I took it to apple for my apple care plan and it covered it. NOTE: My laptop was in bad condition but the damages were barely visible they were:

    -nasty scratches on bottom cases
    -dent from clothes iron on back of the screen case
    -few scratches on the glass
    -really worn out keyboard

    When I left it at apple I recieved a call the next day from the tech department that they will be shipping it out to the depot for repair because a screw on the lcd hinge was hard to take off. I didnt think anything of it so I said ok.

    A few days later I get my laptop in the mail with over $3000 dollars worth of repairs entirely covered by apple care!

    Here are the things they replaced.

    -Battery button fixed needless to say
    -entire bottom casing brand new + a new keyboard
    -Entire New Screen front and back
    -New Logic board
    -New Hard Drive with all my data reloaded

    I thought it was a new computer but when I checked the serial numbers they were the same. I bought my laptop brand new from an apple store in 2009 I can't believe they practically gave me a new computer for just a broken battery button and a stubborn screw.

    This is luck, everything works perfectly and I can swear my laptop is a little more faster for some reason!

    Thought I'd share this about Apple Care!
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    2011-01-27 09:04 AM
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    Apple has some of the best customer support that I ever came across. Thus why I don;t mind spending more to get their computers.
    2011-01-27 09:11 AM
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    I agree, Apple really does a great job in taking care of their customers. They have to if they want our money for a lifetime! But that's good business and it is important to keep us happy. I'm glad you got hooked up! When the original iPhone came out, I had to replace two models and they swapped them out brand new with no questions. AppleCare is important to have when technology is so easily broken.
    2011-02-05 02:04 AM
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    I bought my wife a Macbook (white plastic) a few months ago. She loved it, until a friend spilled an entire glass of red wine on it.

    I shut it down immediately, dried it as best I could, but it was too late. It was dead.

    Last week, she took it to the Apple store to see what they would charge to fix it since liquid damage is not covered by Apple care (I thought it would need new logic board, which would not be worth fixing).

    Unfortunately, I was correct, and they could not repair it.

    However, they said they would do a "One time good deal" and replace it AT NO COST! I was amazed. Until they said, unfortunately, we don't offer the white plastic Macbooks anymore and could only offer an alternative. Would we be willing to accept a new Macbook Pro?

    My wife left the store with a brand new i5, 13.3 Macbook Pro. I was stunned.

    I like Apple (we have iPhones) but I'm more familiar with PCs. I was planning to replace my 4 year old Dell XPS pretty soon...I just may have to consider a Macbook Pro for myself....WOW!

    I just wanted to share the good news and say, that sometimes, it helps to be honest and upfront with the techs at the genius bar and meekly ask for help instead of demanding something for nothing. In this case, it totally worked in our favor.
    2011-08-10 06:10 AM