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    i dont know if this is the right place to put it but i think this goes out to any one that lives out side of the states are all apple care protection programs the same like it works world wide about 2 months after the mac book pro 2010 came out i got a extended warranty for my machine would have gotton it in the states but here in costa rica it was cheaper they didnt charge tax at the time i didnt have internet at my house or have internet access for that matter so when i got my warranty i had them register it they told me i would expect a email from apple letting me know when it would be activated that never happend i went back to the store like 3 days later told them it didnt go through so i email apple sent them the proof of of purchased and the envelope for my apple care it didnt come in the regular box... and they said it was fine just take that documentation to the place that i was going to take my mac book to repair so i let it go a couple months later i called apple to try and get this straight out told the guy my enrollment number and they said it was invalid it was 12 digits not the standard 15 he told me to call in the mornin because i called at 7:00 and the department that was in charged for warranty was closed i did and i got a nice guy on the phone he really took it seriously and told me to contact the so called authorized dealer to get this settled i did and lets just say the guy was a lil freaked out first thing i told him you @$$ ****'s sold me a fake apple care id my machine still shows as the warranty on the apple site will expire this year then he looked up the apple care id that i told apple and it registers on there system so is said wtf? im kinda lost o and the jerk told me that he will fix this problem and that he would email me documentation indicating that it was valid waited 2 days no email....
    fyi for some reason the documentation on keeps mentioning stuff like ibook powerbook and has a date of 2002?? has this ever happened? is there like a separate warranty for 3rd world countries that apple doesn't know about o and btw for some reason when i try and register the apple care enrollment number on the apple web site it actually says its valid and it's already registered!!!! just not with my computer.... any input on this would be nice as my warranty will expire soon... so i can yell at that idiots at the overpriced dealer here and give them hell
    2011-03-17 01:22 AM